Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making a Music Video

It has been super crazy the amount of work that can go into a small, project that then suddenly becomes a Hollywood wannabe project, that then becomes all sorts of political. Let me tell you this has been so super stressful as I have never encountered anything like this. It is exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Short story here though is that this all began right on my back porch with a bunch of friends just goofing off when suddenly a song was born. Then I show the song to a friend who is a director/actor for years, then suddenly there are producers and more and more responsibilities being flung at me, and my close friends just to get this project underway. Unfortunately, due to the enormous amounts of pressure one of the producers was causing many of the cast and crew were becoming severely agitated which, I was having to resolve. What was supposed to be fun, started turning into a nightmare. So, upon letting the producer know that we appreciated the help, the director then stood down.

So what went from possibly being super fun and exciting, turned into drama. But even still things are still turning out fabulously. And as they say, you find out who your friends are. We have a few really wonderful individuals still going on forward with the shoot. And we will have a fabulous time making something come together, grass roots, gorilla, and pure ambition status. Thanks to all those involved.

Mucho Love.

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