Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hey guys! I am getting more and more stuff recorded and will be posting them up on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and Pandora! I hope that you enjoy them along the way throughout the years to come!! Thank you for the continued support and all the positive comments, and messages. I couldn't do this without your support! Thank you so Much!!

In the meantime here is a little demo video I took with my cell phone. I posted it on Facebook for a friend to see, and then when I woke up turned out that it had been seen well over 2,000+ times. Not even a day later over 7,000! I can't believe that there are that many people that have heard my music! It is VERY moving to say the least. Thank you for Sharing/Liking/Subscribing!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Demo Track!

Sometimes a song decides to jump into your life. "Mountain Tops" really has helped me keep it together over the years. I hope you enjoy this track and the ones to come. Please share if you do. Thank you for all the continued support. I couldn't be the musician I am today if it were not for all the friends and fans. It really means the world to me.

May you always find something that inspires you, as I did the morning I watched the sun rising over the Rocky Mountains one early spring morning that drove me to the piano to write a song.

Respectfully Yours,


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Beneath a Boston Street Lamp

I've lost many things in this world, some sharply stolen, torn and shorn, ripped from me by the teeth of betrayal. How is it that the taste of love can sour and bitter life shriveling everything into gray? And yet, without love there is no sunshine. I yearn for the steam between two souls, it's connectiveness, the building bond of creativity. There are too many nights wasted on lust and loneliness, too many. Yet, I find delight in the things I have won. Things, occurrences more than things, when our eyes met, when in that sacred moment our lips met. Your scent, your intellect, your gestures became my sunlight. And though I have lost in loving others. I find you to still be that spark that whisks me forward into the path that I am to forge. And if words become my only footprint in this world, I will leave a trail of them. Only asking that you make your own for me to follow.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Letter to the Senator ABOUT WEED!!!

Soooooo......  I didn't think I would post something political here, but as this is about my Adventures and such... Well, here is a letter that I just sent to the Senator of Utah, regarding a bill that he is trying to get passed in legislation regarding Medicinal .


Dear Senator Madsen,
     I am writing to state that I am in full support of the Medical bill for Marijuana, for number of reasons. First and foremost, as a disabled veteran of the US Air Force, where I spent over seven years of my life on crutches and wheelchair, I still have to deal with the chronic pain (over 15 years now) due to my military injuries, I would like to know that I have more options for my health care. I would like to know that there is more available to me other than opiates and stool softeners as an ongoing treatment plan. I also suffer with mental health issues. I understand that there are plenty of studies regarding the benefits of this more natural plant material with fewer side-effects than the ones that I have been prescribed. Furthermore, I believe there are already plenty of studies that show that medicinally Marijuana has had significant results in assisting many of my fellow veterans facing the challenges of PTSD. Finally, I find it quite dehumanizing that we criminalize, incarcerate, fine, and furthermore we destroy families and lives of the people seeking relief by the use of Marijuana. To me, it is immoral that our government would be extracting years of life, money and sanity from its citizens over a plant that has undergone much more research than some of the drugs that are passing the FDA today. I understand that this is a very heated topic nationally as it is in the state of Utah. I do believe, however, that as a State we should take a stand for the very best in medical care, and we should do everything possible to provide all of the forms of healing to our citizens. By this bill, which I know you are working on, I believe that Utah could take a step forward in that direction. We can lead by example to the other states of the Union. And furthermore, we can be the pioneers in exploring, and expanding our knowledge of the medical world. There is a huge need to further technology more than ever. What medical technological advances are we missing out on, with the heavy bans on this plant? While, we allow extremely toxic chemicals to be researched on the regular. Sometimes the best things are made right here--by nature. Why would we limit our capacity to better the quality of life especially for those who are suffering, disabled or in need?

     In my own experience it is the more natural medicines, such as peppermint oil (which contains menthol, known for it's anti-inflammatory properties) where I have found much more relief with minimal side-effects, and rather than destroy my liver with harmful opioids, peppermint actually helps repair the liver naturally. Utah, also holds some of the largest manufacturers of herbal oil companies which carry world-class product lines. These companies generate billions of dollars of revenue and promote healthier living and relief to millions upon millions of people around the world, including myself. It is unclear to me, why we are limiting doctors and patients on health care, over the fear of some slippery slope that once this is legal, we are going to somehow have people abuse it. That already occurs with current prescription drugs, and we already have a system in place to regulate that behavior. 

     Our laws are supposed to promote growth and freedoms. The freedom to heal by any means necessary should be upheld and protected by law. The freedom to research and develop the best, most natural medicines should be promoted. Freedom is quite literally what I put my life on the line for, and it has cost me personally a very heavy price. My body will never be the same, and I lost my best friend who was in the Army. It is my hope that my sacrifice and his for this country means something. Instead of limiting research, and healing based off of fears, we should be looking to the opportunities that lend aid to the afflicted. We must promote solutions to the many medical challenges facing our citizens. Marijuana wasn't invented, but from it many innovations can be invented.

     I personally may never utilize marijuana. It may not might not be for me. But this isn't about me. This is about lifting a stipulation that is condemning research, healthcare and even worse, incarcerating people for the use of a medicine.

     If there is any way that I may assist in the advocation of this bill, please inform me. 


Daniel L. Sabin
US Air Force Veteran
B.A. University of Utah

Thursday, December 31, 2015


There are so many times that I have faced the question of "What is the purpose of life?" And still I couldn't really tell you. I don't think there is really one clear answer. Some people believe they have it and some may wind up posting in my comments what that purpose is. Yet, I really do not know if one person can answer for another what the sum total of an individual existence should be, or mean. Because I really don't know what is the purpose of life. All I know is that through the seasons, the changes are new and exciting, when the leaves drop from the trees and the wind blows in the snow, when the world freezes and I stand on frozen lakes, when I see the light shining through the icicles, when time seems to cease to exist perhaps this will be the closest to understanding I ever will be.

I suppose what I am trying to state, is that no conclusion of purpose decides meaning. The significance of life, to me, is to breathe. When I was wounded in the military, and spent years in hospitals, nothing made sense. At some point the only thing that did was music. But even playing music then, felt distasteful, unsatisfying, I could only feel pain, and not wanting to relate to the agony I disassociated from my physical body. Not even food had a flavor. Life was ash.

So, I have turned to the arts, to nature, to finding some significance, whatever it may be, perhaps out of desperation, perhaps because I feel at a loss. I feel so lost, and yet in this I find the wind beautiful. I feel unheard, so I sing. I feel trapped in this scared body, so I travel. I have tasted so much ash, so now I cook. But truly, with greater vision than before, I see the pollution of pain suffocating this world. It is from pain that greed grabs a hold of the heart. It is suffering that pushes people into hysteria and war. There is nothing more appalling to me, than war. It took being a part of the war machine to realize that there is no honor in killing. I haven't had a day without physical pain, in so many years, that I have forgotten that there may have been a time that I was whole--no broken body.

Yet, when I face the pain, stare it in the eye, I witness that it cannot age me. Pain cannot rot my determination. There is something, that I must do to satiate the internal oomph that somehow has driven me back on my feet. I was told I would never walk again. I walk. There is something that impels me to grip deeper into the challenges of this life. Something that dares me to survive the weather. Something that pushes me to want to lift another person. Sometimes I grit my teeth just to get through a day. Sometimes, I am depressed, and want all the pain to slip away. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. But nonetheless, I will carry on, stronger than before. Pain is ageless. So am I.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chocolate Poetry

So awhile ago I started writing poems about chocolate. Hope you enjoy:

Chocolate Kisses

I am no truffle.
Unwrap my foil

twist me
pull me

swirl me
slip the silk

around your tongue
sin within

the melting
of my skin

close your eyes
and take me.

All the kisses
you can swallow.

Monday, December 7, 2015

OMFG!!! I can't believe this. I am a complete professional. YESH I AM!!! See this?!

YouTube says... I have Made 1 CENT!!! If you don't know what I mean... I mean I sit on my gold mine of....  $0.01 USD!!! Just need more support like A WHOLE lot of love, and sharing and liking, and spreading of the Massage... and MAYBE I can get another 99 CENTS

and Make my first DOLLAR!!!! I will HANG it on my WALL. And I will have it FRAMED in Coconut Shell.

But for now... See the report BELOW:

Yep! Special SHOUT OUT to all those that made this PENNY Possible! I love you all!!


PS keep tuned in cause more awesome stuff is ON the WAY!!