Thursday, December 31, 2015


There are so many times that I have faced the question of "What is the purpose of life?" And still I couldn't really tell you. I don't think there is really one clear answer. Some people believe they have it and some may wind up posting in my comments what that purpose is. Yet, I really do not know if one person can answer for another what the sum total of an individual existence should be, or mean. Because I really don't know what is the purpose of life. All I know is that through the seasons, the changes are new and exciting, when the leaves drop from the trees and the wind blows in the snow, when the world freezes and I stand on frozen lakes, when I see the light shining through the icicles, when time seems to cease to exist perhaps this will be the closest to understanding I ever will be.

I suppose what I am trying to state, is that no conclusion of purpose decides meaning. The significance of life, to me, is to breathe. When I was wounded in the military, and spent years in hospitals, nothing made sense. At some point the only thing that did was music. But even playing music then, felt distasteful, unsatisfying, I could only feel pain, and not wanting to relate to the agony I disassociated from my physical body. Not even food had a flavor. Life was ash.

So, I have turned to the arts, to nature, to finding some significance, whatever it may be, perhaps out of desperation, perhaps because I feel at a loss. I feel so lost, and yet in this I find the wind beautiful. I feel unheard, so I sing. I feel trapped in this scared body, so I travel. I have tasted so much ash, so now I cook. But truly, with greater vision than before, I see the pollution of pain suffocating this world. It is from pain that greed grabs a hold of the heart. It is suffering that pushes people into hysteria and war. There is nothing more appalling to me, than war. It took being a part of the war machine to realize that there is no honor in killing. I haven't had a day without physical pain, in so many years, that I have forgotten that there may have been a time that I was whole--no broken body.

Yet, when I face the pain, stare it in the eye, I witness that it cannot age me. Pain cannot rot my determination. There is something, that I must do to satiate the internal oomph that somehow has driven me back on my feet. I was told I would never walk again. I walk. There is something that impels me to grip deeper into the challenges of this life. Something that dares me to survive the weather. Something that pushes me to want to lift another person. Sometimes I grit my teeth just to get through a day. Sometimes, I am depressed, and want all the pain to slip away. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. But nonetheless, I will carry on, stronger than before. Pain is ageless. So am I.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chocolate Poetry

So awhile ago I started writing poems about chocolate. Hope you enjoy:

Chocolate Kisses

I am no truffle.
Unwrap my foil

twist me
pull me

swirl me
slip the silk

around your tongue
sin within

the melting
of my skin

close your eyes
and take me.

All the kisses
you can swallow.

Monday, December 7, 2015

OMFG!!! I can't believe this. I am a complete professional. YESH I AM!!! See this?!

YouTube says... I have Made 1 CENT!!! If you don't know what I mean... I mean I sit on my gold mine of....  $0.01 USD!!! Just need more support like A WHOLE lot of love, and sharing and liking, and spreading of the Massage... and MAYBE I can get another 99 CENTS

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But for now... See the report BELOW:

Yep! Special SHOUT OUT to all those that made this PENNY Possible! I love you all!!


PS keep tuned in cause more awesome stuff is ON the WAY!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

So Now, I am doing loads and loads of research on how to get your videos out there, from Facebook to YouTube, to Reddit, Tumblr and more. There is really a lot to learn here, and ANY kind of suggestions would be massively appreciated. I am definitely going to keep on making more and more videos to put up on my channel. But I know that there is the whole Sharing aspect of getting things out there. So this new experience begins! Help Support! If you can send me more information or ideas. I would really love the feedback!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Well, I had to sign over permission to myself to allow advertising on my Coconut Ahhl Music Video! Here's the letter that I sent to YouTube. Hope you all enjoy it! Please, Like/Comment/Subscribe!! And Share the MASSAGE everywhere you can! Together we can make this viral and give the world a laugh or too!

Love you all,

If you haven't seen the video yet, You can find it here:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Funny Comment

LOL, This actually is fantastic, got my first comment, of WTF?!

This guy just triggered a bunch more comments! Keep them coming! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

So we totally JUST finished up all the Editing, and got to showcase My Music video Here in Salt Lake City, Utah last night!!! COCONUT Ahhl! Is a THING!!! I need to do a HUGE Shout Out to Carey McComas, who massively helped Co-Produce this production with me, and also Yelena Baykova who did an insane job with the camera and also to ALL cast and CREW who made this silly song a reality!!!

Let's just cut to the chase, and Checkout the Music Video Below:

OMG! it is so amazing to see and hear all the feedback!

So, PLEASE Let me know what you think! What you would like to see in the future. Anything helps!

Also if you want to help get this music video out there to the world with me
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Thank you,

Dan Sabin

Monday, October 5, 2015

A Night with Autumn

Walking beneath the twigs that haven't left the tree
the ones that are gnarled, and bent,
from wounds and the winding of the wind,
I wait for their whisper and only hear
the whimper of wolves
in the distance, so distant from me
and distant from moon, and the forest
and the barren branches; all that I feel
is the howl of the cold.

-D. Sabin

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Music Video Shoot Day One!

Well today was quite the success! A lot of people slumber partied at my place, and we all did a caravan out to the shoot location. Although we didn't get started as soon as we had planned, we most definitely had a blast and got so much done! Tomorrow morning is going to come early. I will edit this post soon and add in some of the pics of the day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making a Music Video

It has been super crazy the amount of work that can go into a small, project that then suddenly becomes a Hollywood wannabe project, that then becomes all sorts of political. Let me tell you this has been so super stressful as I have never encountered anything like this. It is exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Short story here though is that this all began right on my back porch with a bunch of friends just goofing off when suddenly a song was born. Then I show the song to a friend who is a director/actor for years, then suddenly there are producers and more and more responsibilities being flung at me, and my close friends just to get this project underway. Unfortunately, due to the enormous amounts of pressure one of the producers was causing many of the cast and crew were becoming severely agitated which, I was having to resolve. What was supposed to be fun, started turning into a nightmare. So, upon letting the producer know that we appreciated the help, the director then stood down.

So what went from possibly being super fun and exciting, turned into drama. But even still things are still turning out fabulously. And as they say, you find out who your friends are. We have a few really wonderful individuals still going on forward with the shoot. And we will have a fabulous time making something come together, grass roots, gorilla, and pure ambition status. Thanks to all those involved.

Mucho Love.

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Music

Twilight's Blue

This piece is something that grew out of some experimenting with alternate resolutions, that melt away from the traditional dominate to root, but rather that resolves with a soft whole-step down from the second to root. This discovery has left me many times feeling as though I have been transported to another place. As always the instrument and the music teaches me so much more than I can explain.

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Any questions, thoughts, suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Dan Sabin